QuickBooks Point of Sale Cyber Monday Deal


Now through 12/6, get 50% off #QuickBooks Point of Sale software + FREE PIN Pad. Offer valid for new and existing Payments customers.

And with QuickBooks POS software, you’ll be able to…

Modernize the look
and feel of your store with a powerful, ultra-portable device

• With new Microsoft Surface® Pro compatibility, you can save counter space and get the flexibility of ringing up sales or
checking inventory from anywhere in your store.

Take your CRM to the next level
• Get to know your customers better with their relevant information right at your fingertips.
• As they’re checking out, you can see if they have a balance due, available credit, or if you can offer them any special deals.

Detailed sales and inventory reports lets you know what’s selling and what’s not
• Instant reports can show you top selling products, best customers and sales data for any time period you choose.
• Save inventory tracking time. Your inventory is updated with every sale, order and return.

Instantly view what’s in stock, what’s hot and what needs reordering
• Set reorder points and automatically generate purchase orders so you never run out of inventory and lose a sale.
• For even more control, you can track lay-a-ways, sales orders, serial and UPC codes.

All your information syncs with your QuickBooks financial data
• At the end of your sales day, you can have your Point of Sale sync with QuickBooks, reducing double entries to save you time and errors.

Activate your Payments account to save time and increase sales
• Your customers can pay with all major credit cards, cash, and more.
• The payments reconcile in your QuickBooks, reducing the hassle of manual data entry and reconciliation.

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