QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: Special Sale Ends 12-6-2019

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise provides your business the accounting tools it needs. From special reporting and customized
features to industry-specific workflows, Enterprise will grow with your business, so you can focus on your customers.

The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum Edition with advanced inventory provides you with the flexibility to track and fulfill orders, however you want. And it has the ability to prioritize inventory, split orders, and add inventory, which automatically syncs with QuickBooks, allowing you to pick and track orders to see where you stand in real-time.

The advanced inventory feature with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Platinum Edition, makes inventory management easier with wireless mobile bar-code scanning. Scan an item in the warehouse to get information needed to pick an item, communicate back to the office, and let it automatically sync with QuickBooks in real-time.

Enterprise Advanced Inventory helps you make informed decisions for your business and customers. You’ll have control and flexibility
of your inventory whether you have one warehouse or multiple warehouses. With Enterprise Advanced Inventory, you’ll be able to
determine which warehouse can fulfill an order, split orders, and more.

Call us today at: (518) 669-2023 to get all the details. We can guide you in selecting the right product to meet your needs. And hurry, the sale ends 12/6/2019.

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