Are You Focused

Our services are designed for the business professional who desires greater control and insight into their business. Our focus is to always guide our clients to system dependency, putting to an end the paralysis caused by people dependency.


We partner with clients who are interested in enjoying a more efficient, productive and effective business environment. We work closely with your CPA, attorney and other advisers to ensure a cohesive team approach.

Your financial records are more than a collection of dollars and cents; they are a window into your business. They point not only to where you have been, but more importantly, where you are going. When you embrace your financial records as a tool rather than a chore, a new world of opportunities are open to you.

Our commitment is not only to help you establish and maintain proper financials, but to help you gain knowledge and perspective on your business practices and procedures.

By The Book Solutions will help you focus on:

Financial Accountability:
*  Provides more comfort with your financial reports.

Operational Intelligence:
* Helps you accurately measure employee productivity.

* Includes protections against fraud and human error.

Utilization of Resources:
* Gives you real time insight into business operations.

Systemic Visibility:
*Lets you know what you don’t know.





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